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Commercial Fonts:
Algerian Basic D
Algerian Basic SC D
Basic Bullets
Anarcharsis Basic HF Bold
Anarcharsis Basic LF Bold
Anarcharsis Basic HF-Regular
Anarcharsis Basic LF-Regular
LT Univers 431 Basic Regular Italic
LT Univers 430 Basic Regular
Scrapbook Basic
Scrapbook Basic Black
Rase Basic
Dolce Basic Thin
Seravek Basic Italic
Seravek Basic Bold
Linotype Univers® 131 Basic Ultra Light Italic
Linotype Univers® 230 Basic Thin
Linotype Univers® 530 Basic Medium
Linotype Univers® 531 Basic Medium Italic
Linotype Univers® 631 Basic Bold Italic
Linotype Univers® 831 Basic Black Italic
Linotype Univers® 930 Basic Extra Black
Linotype Univers® 931 Basic Extra Black Italic
Linotype Univers® 130 Basic Ultra Light
Linotype Univers® 231 Basic Thin Italic
Linotype Univers® 331 Basic Light Italic
Linotype Univers® 430 Basic Regular
Linotype Univers® 431 Basic Regular Italic
Linotype Univers® 630 Basic Bold
Linotype Univers® 730 Basic Heavy
Linotype Univers® 731 Basic Heavy Italic
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(((O))) Basic - by Luis Angel Uribe click here to download
(((O))) Basic WIN ZIP
5x5 - Freeware by Juan A. Zamarripa click here to download
Amped For Evil - Freeware by Cap'n Ryan click here to download
Amped For Evil WIN ZIP
Basic Comical Italic NC - by Jayvee Enaguas click here to download
Basic Comical Italic NC WIN ZIP
Basic Sans Serif 7 - by Style-7 click here to download
Basic Sans Serif 7 WIN ZIP
Basic Square 7 Solid - by Style-7 click here to download
Basic Square 7 Solid WIN ZIP
Basic Stars - Freeware by Gabrielle Gaither click here to download
Basic Stars WIN ZIP
Basic-Trip - by woodcutter Manero click here to download
Basic-Trip WIN ZIP
Básica-Unicode Regular - by Juan Casco click here to download
Básica-Unicode Regular WIN ZIP
BasicChrome - by XEROGRAPHER FONTS click here to download
BasicChrome WIN ZIP
BasicHand - by XEROGRAPHER FONTS click here to download
BasicHand WIN ZIP
BasicHeader - by XEROGRAPHER FONTS click here to download
BasicHeader WIN ZIP
BasicScratch - by XEROGRAPHER FONTS click here to download
BasicScratch WIN ZIP
BasicSharpie - by XEROGRAPHER FONTS click here to download
BasicSharpie WIN ZIP
Be Cool - Freeware by Anony Fonts click here to download
Galactic Basic - Freeware by Erik Schroeder click here to download
Galactic Basic WIN ZIP
manual font basic demo - by Fonts and Fashion click here to download
manual font basic demo WIN ZIP
Patinio Basica - by Factor Vector click here to download
Patinio Basica WIN ZIP


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